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Finalists in the Victorian Regional Achievement Awards 2017!

XtemeInc are Finalists!

Finalists in the Victorian Regional Achievement Awards 2017!Xtremelnc were finalists in The Regional Development Victoria Leadership and Innovation Award. We made the top 4 in the state and event thought we didn’t take out the first prize we are winnes and so humbled by this regogniton. We would like...

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2TX Youth Festival


2 THE XTREME YOUTH FESTIVAL (2TX)The 2TX Youth Festival runs annually with events for young people aged five to 25 including skate and BMX competitions and demonstrations, MC battles, dance performances, street parties and a disco. Over three...

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2 the Xtreme Underground (2TXU)

November 2011

2 the Xtreme Underground (2TXU)The first 2TXU ran in November 2011 and saw young people from central Victoria vie for top prizes in hip hop, breakdance, BMX and skating competitions.

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2TX is a huge part of my life. It’s a chance to show the audience what we’ve achieved. It spreads the love of dance, it expands our creativity and it has taught me to be a dancer, performer, choreographer and team member.

Stephanie Harrison

Aged 17, Bendigo

The Gift of Giving

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