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Hi and welcome to XtremeInc – we’re glad you’re here. You’re probably wondering who we are and what we do. Good questions both, but a better one might be what don’t we do.

Here at XtremeInc we run youth arts programs, workshops, festivals, performances, mentorships, youth leadership, empowerment and community engagement projects for young regional people. Our events have a focus on diversity and culture and attract young people who might not normally have the confidence or finances to join regular classes. When you come to an XtremeInc event, you walk away enriched with new skills in leadership, teamwork and self-expression. And you walk away grinning because our events rock.

We build a bridge between disenfranchised young people and the wider regional community by inviting individuals and businesses to join us as performing mentors, facilitators, partners, donors and volunteers. XtremeInc isn’t just about us – it’s about all of us. Our young people, our community, our tomorrow.

XtremeInc is lead by Artistic Director and founder Sarah Cook, winner of the 2012 Victorian Regional Achever Awards.

In 2017 XtremeInc were the top 4 finalists in the state for the Victorian Regional Achievement Awards, in Innovation and Leadership.


XtremeInc is a not for profit organisation that I have been lucky enough to be apart of over the last 6 years. I have seen the work and effort Sarah has put in behind the scenes to create great events for the local community. Sarah has the gift of connecting people and spreading positivity throughout the community. Her bubbly friendly personality really brings an added warmth to the events and her skill and passion are evident. I hope to see many more XtremeInc event throughout the country. I have personally benefited from participating in Sarah’s dance competitions, made connections with others in the industry and been given opportunities to further enhance my own dancing career. Sharing passions and skill is something we all need more of and Sarah really leads by example.

Tom Sanderson

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