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2 the Xtreme Underground (2TXU)

November 2011

2TXU is the sister event of the 2TX Youth Festival. It runs four times each year and provides a forum for dancers, BMX riders and skaters to come together to network and showcase their talents. The first 2TXU ran in November 2011 and saw young people from central Victoria vie for top prizes in hip hop, breakdance, BMX and skating competitions. It featured guest performances by Burn Squad, MZ Crew and DJ EZU. 2TXU is an inclusive youth event where young people of all ages and walks of life convene to test their skills, learn new tricks and have a rollicking good time.

The winners from the inaugural 2TXU were …

Hip-Hop Battles:

1st – MZ Crew, Castlemaine
2nd – Burn Squad, Melbourne
3rd – Beaver Shakers, Ballarat

Breakdance Battles:

1st – Captin Beaver
2nd – Ipskee
3rd – Rubix Cube

SK8 Under 16s:

1st – Raf Whitcroft-Langslow
2nd – Felix Stroek
3rd – Casper Killeen

SK8 Over 16s:

1st – Tom Vadala
2nd – Ned Bailey
3rd – Kurt Teague

BMX Under 16s:

1st – Boden Nelson
2nd – Jess Goodwin
3rd – Billy O’Toole

BMX Over 16s:

1st – Jesse Halson
2nd – Andy Krevtzer
3rd – Jaryn Kongas

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The XtremeInc’s team is clearly winning profound respect, through dance and education on a very personal level.

Catherine Ryan

Director Barking Owl Theatre, Central Victoria

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