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World First Country Parkour Obstacle Course!

Kyneton Show

Cat pass. Kong vault. Tic tac. Wall run. Gap jump. These are just some of the signature moves of parkour, an increasingly popular take on the old-fashioned obstacle course. Now the global trend that originated in France is coming to Kyneton – with a twist. 
XtremeInc instructor Flynn Patrao says the 40 metre course will include “a ute and a tractor, tractor tyres, farm fence posts, a slide and a rope swing over a trough full of cow pats!”
“Parkour is about adapting your movements to overcome obstacles in your environment as quickly and efficiently as possible,” Flynn says. “Hay bales are a fantastic piece of training equipment for jumps and leaps.”
Organiser, Sarah Cook, says parkour is as much a philosophy as it is movement, requiring the same mental focus and discipline as martial arts to develop the strength – and the courage - to leap, flip, vault and climb whatever is in your path. “It’s physical, it’s demanding – it’s great discipline and I think for young teens it’s healthy risk taking in a controlled environment. We have qualified instructors teaching them the right way to warm up and the right techniques.”
“You will be amazed what you can learn in 10 minutes. It doesn’t matter what level you are at,” Sarah says. “There will be something you can do and you will be able to come out with some skills.”
There’ll be free parkour workshops from 5.30pm Friday 18th November 2016 The amazing agricultural obstacle course will then be open to all from
9am-3.30pm on Show Day, Saturday November 19.
And it’s not just for kids – Sarah says parents and other adults can have a go too. “There’s no age limit for anything in life!” 
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XtremeInc is a not for profit organisation that I have been lucky enough to be apart of over the last 6 years. I have seen the work and effort Sarah has put in behind the scenes to create great events for the local community. Sarah has the gift of connecting people and spreading positivity throughout the community. Her bubbly friendly personality really brings an added warmth to the events and her skill and passion are evident. I hope to see many more XtremeInc event throughout the country. I have personally benefited from participating in Sarah’s dance competitions, made connections with others in the industry and been given opportunities to further enhance my own dancing career. Sharing passions and skill is something we all need more of and Sarah really leads by example.

Tom Sanderson

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