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Parkour Course


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WHAT IS PARKOUR? Parkour, also known as free running, is a French military-designed training that utilizes obstacles. Theses obstacles encourage abilities such running, jumping, swinging, rolling and climbing. Parkour is fun, builds confidence, fitness and is something that anyone can try.  Parkour is usually something you would see in an urban setting, in 2018 XtremeInc Youth Projects is bringing this urban form to rural people! 

This global trend has been adapted by XtremeInc in partnership with qualified instructors from ‘Walk The Walls’ to develop a 40-50m obstacle course named Xtreme Parkour. 
Using recycled and agricultural materials including pallets, hay bails, tractor tyres, ponds, ropes, bars and vaults, Xtreme Parkour is an innovative course that encourages active and physical participation for all ages and is an exciting way to exercise and challenges participants; it improves body awareness, coordination and confidence.  

Parkour training revolves around two very important things: progression and repetition. 
Kong vault with either Top Out or Dash Vault. These are just some of the signature physical moves of parkour! Parkour is an exciting way to exercise and challenges participants; it improves body awareness, coordination and confidence. This is achieved by facing obstacles that push your body and mind. Parkour is all about moving through your environment efficiently and naturally, getting from A-B, inspiring the body to push the very limits of its capabilities.  Parkour promotes 'healthy risk taking' which is particularly attractive to boys and girls aged 12+. Participating in Parkour allows young people to actively use their bodies and take supported risks.

 “Parkour is about moving in a fundamentally human way!” XtremeInc Youth Projects

Some of the rewards of Parkour:

  • Improved physical health thanks to a high level of movement and activity
  • Improved body control: agility, balance, and power
  • Mental strength through problem solving, repetition, and increased confidence
  • Community connectedness, friendship building and sense of being a part of something very special.                                                              

 ENDLESS FUN! Do you remember what it felt like to be a child? When you explored the world by climbing and running, jumping and rolling and taking small risks that challenged you. Every time you were challenged, you were inspired to be courageous. There was no stopping you and you were free.

Whether your having a team-building event, community event, School fate or even a backyard party, there’s so much fun to be had with our Country Parkour Obstacle Course.

Participants will be under the guidance of our professional instructors (all with current WWC) who support and encourage participants through the course. If parents or adults wish to be involved, our instructors will teach them basic moves so they can be apart of FUN!

Our team value the importance of supporting and inspiring young people to challenge them and get moving. Our course also involves a workshop area, where instructors give participants an opportunity to practice Parkour moves

WE COME TO YOU! Not matter what size or budget you have for your upcoming event, XtremeInc can cater to suit you specific needs. For larger events such as agriculture shows, we can also offer support by identifying local sponsorship or funding.

If you have the space, we will provide the fun!

HOW? Contact our professional team to find out more:

Sas Cook, Director Ph.: 0402 087 949 Email: info@xtremeinc.org 

Check out the Parkour Course in action: https://youtu.be/M05-Bjn8OmM

Insta @xtremeinc_youth
Twitter @xtremeinc1

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I’ve been dancing since I was seven. I’ve continued because being involved with XtremeInc has taught me confidence.

Lucy Ford

Aged 14, Castlemaine

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