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Volunteers are the heart and soul of XtremeInc – we couldn’t exist without them. Being a volunteer gives you a chance to work with creative and inspiring people, and plan the events you want in your community. For young people, volunteering helps develop skills in event management and planning.

Some of the free training we offer volunteers are:

- 1st Aid

- Mental Health 1st Aid

- Tech Produciton

- Career development

- Event Management & other various training opportunites.

We also will provide references for long standing volunteers, a volunteer record book with awards when milestones of 20hrs, 50hrs and 100hrs are reached, a signed certificate by the local Mayor and local MP + more.

For more experienced people, who’ve already honed their skills and talents, we have a fantastic mentoring program that we’d love for you to be part of. We’re looking for mentors for event management, fundraising, mentoring, technical wizardry, marketing and PR, production, administration, volunteer management and more. If you’ve got a skill and like the idea of passing it on, let us know! Conact us or fill out our online volunteer form:

A membership fee of $25 is required for any members or volunteers that register with the organisation. This covers adminstraion costs within XtremeInc Youth Projects and uniforms.


  • Sarah Cook – Director and Founder
  • Stephanie Harrison – Hip-Hop Instructor
  • Suilven Byne – Contemporary Teacher
  • Billy Gibbings-Johns – Breakdance Instructor
  • Jodie Hearn – Skateboarding Instructor
  • Burt Smith – Scooter Instructor
  • Cameron McLaren – Parkour Instructor (Walk the Walls)
  • Flynn Patrao – Parkour Instructor (Walk the Walls)
  • Sam Turner – Parkour Instructor
  • Bryan Jones – Parkour Instructor
  • DJ EZU
  • Existdance Breakdance Skool
  • Fuzz Guzzardi & Rukkus – Graff Artists
  • Foldback Productions
  • People Pictures – Film Making
  • Jillian Stewart-Rosier – Graphic Design


  • Mitch Bayliss
  • Abi Bayliss-O’dowd
  • Sebastian Marshell
  • Kaleb Frost
  • Fuzz Guzzardi
  • Rukkus
  • David Addison
  • Rochelle Rowe
  • Sarah Cook
  • Daniela Arceri
  • Jackson Fraser
  • Tamieka Rowe
  • Molly Kennedy
  • Beau Cook
  • Jude Wilson
  • Peter Kennedy
  • Billy McIldowney
  • Jami Bloomley
  • Grace Saltmarsh
  • Sam Turner
  • Bryan Jones
  • Maggie Victor-Gordon



XtremeInc is a not for profit organisation that I have been lucky enough to be apart of over the last 6 years. I have seen the work and effort Sarah has put in behind the scenes to create great events for the local community. Sarah has the gift of connecting people and spreading positivity throughout the community. Her bubbly friendly personality really brings an added warmth to the events and her skill and passion are evident. I hope to see many more XtremeInc event throughout the country. I have personally benefited from participating in Sarah’s dance competitions, made connections with others in the industry and been given opportunities to further enhance my own dancing career. Sharing passions and skill is something we all need more of and Sarah really leads by example.

Tom Sanderson

The Gift of Giving

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